Working in the Car Finance industry over the past 12 years is a real eye opener. Its amazing how the lenders control the market and create the desparation within it. White Knights of car finance appear to come and go... Briefly they offer their services to customers who lets be honest are not the best at paying their monthly bills, and then next minute boom, the white knight has gone and the market has to readjust, every ender tightens their belts and panic sets in when Mr Customer who would have been accepted for a car last month, is turned away this month.

Working with Benefits

An emerging market? People on benefits have traditionally been excluded from car finance lenders pots... There really wasnt a pot for people who didnt work or only had a part time job. However more recently lending money to people on benefits has been more of the norm.  Some people especially carers receive fortunes in benefits. Literally thousands every month, so why would the car industry choose to keep ignoring these people. Like you and me if they can afford the monthly payment for a car, then why should they be excluded. If you are on benefits, dont feel excluded, apply with Blip Finance and see if we can help.


Had a Blip

Most people in the UK have had a financial blip at some time or another and depending when you apply and the state of the car finance market can determine whether this blip hurts your car finance application. Dont worry though, a small blip isnt too bad, Blip Finance can work with you to get you new car finance which will eventually iron out that blip.


Dont keep Applying for Finance


One day people will listen to car finance and credit agencies. Applying for finance ith 20 companies isnt going to help you. It will just flag up your desparation, and half of the car finance websites you visit use the same lenders, so you applying umpteen times is futile.

Apply with BLIP once and then see what we can do. If we really cant help you we will point you in the right direction.




New Car Deals by Manufacturer

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