The big question over the past few years is whats happening to the motor industry and selling cars online. Long gone are the days when 100% of the customers a car dealer got was from the local area.  Big name manufacturers sought to put a main car dealer in evry town in the UK. Providing their local customers with brand new cars, servicing and basically looking after them from purchase, car services , car repair and then exchange and renewals.

Why Buying a Car Online is Changing

More and more franchised dealers are turning to the internet to get new sales for their cars, in effect competing with other franchised dealers from town to town, this is not so good for the small franchise who may struggle to compete, however its great for the big franchised dealers who can offer that bit more discount. Good for them as they get more sales, good for you as you get a bigger discount on your new car, but not so good for the small franchise who may have lost a sale to a franchise 100 miles away. The car buying mood is changing from using your local franchised new car dealer to using a dealer from upto 200 miles away who can supply you with that new "nissan juke" whilst saving you a few hundred quid and have it delivered to your door.


Can I Buy a Car Online then?

Throw your mind back to 15 years ago, there were a multitude of magazines you could pickup over the counter, along with your huge weekly copy of autotrader and maybe what car and car express type magazine, all available telling you about the latest "ford focus" or the brand new BMW X5. Glossy publications read my zillions of people for £4.95 a pop. Moving switftly onto 2019, these car magazine have rapidly moved online, providing you with the same fantastic car reviews and the same HD photographs of this years movers and shakers. The difference is the entrance fee, the £4.95 is now free online, (however some magazines are still publishing their magazines in print) , their £4,95 fee is now paid for by the numerous online adverts  (see right)




The New Online Car Portals


Customers are now getting more choice online, Personally I bought a Honda CRV online in 2005, i never saw the car, i paid online and I knew the car was a greyish import, it cost me £4,000 less than the local dealer and once ordered and confirmed it was delivered on a trailor 3 weeks later and i was good to go.

Amazingly after several tries by companies such as JamJar etc the online car market for brand new cars has not changed very much, however no longer are the cars imported in a grey kind of way they are geniune manufacturer cars with UK warranties and ready to go. There are still only a handful of websites offering brand new cars online but if you are prudent and do some research you can save yourself upto 30% off a new car. Sites like  http://discounted-new-cars.com and https://www.carandvandiscount.com/ offer amazing online deals on great car brands such as BMW, Audi , Mercedes, Nissan and Ford (plus many many more).

There are companies who have started to offer comparisons, however be careful, some of these sites dont list the online independant dealers cars which do offer you more discount, they do tend to stick to the franchised dealers sites. Bucking the trand are sites like CARS2BUY who also team up with great car review sites like Which and HonestJohn along with autotrader and other well known car magazines.



Deal or No Deal

Should I use an independant online car dealer to help save me thousands of pounds? or should i stick with the trusty local franchised dealer because it feels safer going with the bigger brand?

The answer the the question above is definitely different for everybody, some customers need a friendly local arm around them, knowing that a friendly local salesman is only a stones throw away from their house. This makes them feel more comfortable paying the extra and a huge percentage of new car purchasers every year decide to take the local touch, and lets be honest, local franchised car dealers love them.

An ever growing percentage of sales are from people willing to take the online independant dealer option, trusting that these companies whilst may not be just around the corner are in it for the long game and some of these guys have shown us that being around for ten years or so means that they are very trustworthy and confidence in them is growing by the year.  The customer is rewarded for the shift to the independant by getting a better price on that car, be it bought outright or on HP or PCP the deals offered are lots better than franchised dealers can offer at them moment and the ever growing "online customer" is reaping the benefits from trusting and using the online guys.

In summary, if you want the big savings take a look at the independent online dealers like http://discounted-new-cars.com or if you want that local touch then plump for the local dealer who will hold your hand and although you may shell out alot more for your car you will be safe in knowing your dealer is just around the corner.


Take a look at the online offers from Blip Finance or http://discounted-new-cars.com