Oh gosh this term is searched for thousands of times a month on google, bing and yahoo. This means there are literally thousands of people out there really struggling to get car finance whilst they have had a financial blip on their credit record. More and more companies are fighting for your car finance enquirey.

The thing most people dont know when applying for car finance is that most car finance brokers use all the same lending companies to propose finance to their clients.  And now most use soft searches on your credit file to determine who they should propose your application too. This makes it easier for people who have bad credit  to get car finance. The reason being is that your application is now being put to the right lenders and not to several other lenders who may not use the soft credit check methods.

Blip car finance use the soft credit checking facilities from Experian. We do a soft search on your credit file to ensure we place you correctly first time, and we dont send you to 17 different lenders. What BLIP also does is supply you the car, so unlike companies like Car Finance 247 and Zuto etc, Blip Finance supplies you with the finance and a brand new car too.

Blip are no different than any other financial broker out there in the market. However supplying brand new vehicles for new car finance is pretty unique. And the term one stop shop definitely refers to us when it comes to getting finance on a brand new car. And not only that, our cars come with a fantastic discount, so if you have a bad credit record your monthly payments for a brand new car may not be much different to walking in a car dealer with good credit. (the savings make the difference)

Have a look at our cars from most if not all of the car manufacturers and stop worrying about having a blip, because Blip Finance are here to help.



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